Domestic Violence, bullying, and harassment can be a cause of very major concern. particularly when played out in front of any children of the family.

  Legal Aid  IS  available where you seek protection after being a victim of domestic abuse or violence and are anxious to remain in your home, without the fear of any further incident occurring.

    You do NOT have to provide formal evidence of violence to secure legal aid, but do need to satisfy the criteria of financial eligibility.

As expert family law solicitors in Cardiff, we can advise on all legal aid criteria as well as providing full information if you require help with legal costs.

The Family Court takes this behavior so seriously that court applications for relief, attract no court fee.

Senior Family court judges also oversee all applications that are made to the family court for family protection, to ensure the safety of any child or children of the family, remains paramount.

Court Remedies for Personal Protection and possible Exclusion from Family Home

Where you are at risk of physical harm or serious abuse, an application can be made for a Non-Molestation order.

Depending on the gravity of the situation such application can be made very urgently or alternatively on notice to the other party, as the circumstances appropriately warrant.

In very serious circumstances where both parties reside under the same roof, an application can also be for an Occupation Order, requiring the other person to give up possession of the property or home. If such an Order is made, it is likely they will never be able to return.

Frequently domestic abuse will require immediate action to prevent further harm or indeed injury.

Where necessary an emergency application can be brought to the court, particularly if it is to prevent possible harm to a child of the family.


Specialists in Legal Remedies for Domestic Violence in Cardiff.

  Most people requiring an injunction order or formal protection from the Family Court will automatically qualify for legal aid where genuine victims of violence or serious abuse.

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