Children in breakdown of relationship and divorce.

Mediation in relation to Children issues may sometimes be a quick and cost effective means of progress, particularly if the issues in dispute are of a more practical nature such as arranging day to day times and location of visits, holidays, overnight stays and appropriate financial arrangements.

However, as in making peace, it takes two parties to mediate and often formal legal advice from a solicitor is required at an appropriate stage. Sometimes it can be very easy to enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of reasoned, professional, legal advice. The consequences of not having, or indeed of not taking, appropriate legal advice, may be severe. Experienced solicitors can offer an objective view on how to achieve the best outcome. The choice on how you choose to progress matters is however,always yours.


Parenting Plans. 

Many clients come to see us in order to establish a regular schedule of week to week contact, explaining it would be so much easier if there was one. They are sometimes surprised to learn that this is a very common problem and in fact works so much better for parents and children alike if there is one in place. It should be easy to agree but sometimes it causes major conflicts. Matters can however often be settled by agreement with appropriate legal advice which can avoid the escalating cost of the next significant stage of children disputes...

Child arrangement orders in Family Law

In most circumstances, no Parent wishes to involve the court in respect of determining appropriate Parenting arrangements, and often a fixed fee can be agreed for appropriate formal representations to be made by way of professional, but civilised correspondence, with the hope that matters can be agreed with a measure of negotiation.

Few Parents want to voluntarily incur significant costs of litigation, particularly where Legal Aid, or Public Funding wil now rarely be available, save in circumstances of severe, corroborated, Domestic Violence.

However, where there are serious concerns about your child, you may need to make an expedited application to the Court.

You may need to apply for an urgent Child Arrangement Order, particularly where a child has not been returned home or indeed for a child arrangement order in respect of Parental Responsibility.

We can explain the detailed requirements of the Form 100 used for Child Arrangement Applications to the Family Court and further clarify the new prescribed mediation requirements which now apply if you do need to attend court in Cardiff in respect of your child or children.

We can also advise on all aspects of Family Law which apply to children particularly in Cardiff and the South Wales area.

The area of Family Law and children has significantly evolved in recent years. The Family Court no longer makes what were popularly known as Custody Orders. Nor does it make Residence or even Contact Orders any more, so it is crucial to have expert advise from Family Law experts and Child law Specialists.

There can also be the very real fear that a child will be removed from the jurisdiction, or the worry they are being psychologically harmed by the other parent.

In those circumstances you should make an appointment to talk to us urgently.

The Court now make Child Arrangement Orders, which encompass all aspects of where the child or children will live, what time will be spent with the other parent, and how Parental Responsibility will be exercised in situations where Parents simply cannot reach agreement.

Grandparents : Child Arrangement Orders And Special Guardianship.

Members of the extended family may also wish to make applications to the court, particularly grandparents who are not able to see their grandchildren regularly. In addition to seeking Family Arrangement Orders, where appropriate leave of the court has been granted, they may also wish to pursue Special Guardian Applications, in circumstances where perhaps very young parents are finding it very difficult to cope.

We provide a full range of services to the extended family with a similar choice of packaged fixed fees and indeed can confirm in some circumstances the Local Authority are able to fund Special Guardian applications, where they give their support to the proposed application being made

What Happens if I am ever served with a Family Court Application?

Similarly very urgent advice is required if you are ever served with any court application in relation to a child from the other parent or indeed any other family member. We are expert child specialists in cases where the Local Authority have become involved and Legal  Aid  is still available in what are called Public Law cases.

In all Family law matters where we advise, and particularly in respect of all family law cases concerning children we can offer you the option of an agreed fixed fee in advance of taking action or alternatively for you to pay on a time related basis if that is what you would prefer.

At all times, when making any important decision about your child or children, take appropriate legal advice, and remember, the best thinking is usually done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil.